Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm back. Back to this blog, and back from New Zealand. Still on my off till 21st Feb 7th Feb because as always, got cancelled.

The place I am in is getting more and more irritating. You have someone there who wants to do every single useless thing, someone who lies, someone who irritates, and someone who always cancel our off and leaves. Though I mentioned other people, there is one person who lies in all the four categories. Seriously, why do all these useless stuffs when after 2 years, you fuck off? With it cheating us of our labour and money, why bother doing stuffs for them?

Even when the hired are useless and unproductive, why must we conscripts cover up for them? Just so because they abused their authority? Or because they just don't give a damn?

I am sick and tired of all this lies from this screwed up organisation, and from you, who overwrites hierarchy and schemes upon every single person, especially me. Try it again, and I will have things my way.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Buy me one please~~~!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Almost, almost, almost, ALMOST!!!

Lets bring back a post exactly 1 year ago here.

As for the question, the answer is that they opened their garage on the 2nd floor. Another dumb answer from [miin] is that they forgot to open their shop for business.

Next part of the question: After they found out they have not been having any customers, they decided to change line. They got together to rent a taxi to take turns to drive. However, they still don't have customers. Why? Aparrently, most people got this question correct on their 1st try.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fuck you, understand?

20 is counted by 1, 2, 3 not o, n, e, 1, t, w, o, 2.

F, u, c, k, fuck, y, o, u, you, fuck you.

Everybody got it wrong. They had everything prepared for them to do the busniess. Just that they did one thing wrong. Not anything got to do with their skills, pricing, knowledge. And their garage is indeed accessible by their customers.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last 12 hours + 4 idiots

I actually had no intentions of doing this at all, but I seriously couldn't find anything else I can do during this last 12 hours before needing to report back into camp.

For those who still don't know, I am being posted to 24SA / ARTY OPR - FATA LOCATOR. Don't ask, I don't know whats that. Some say slack, some say fucked up. I just hope they don't ask me to make up my 12km on the first week.

So there it goes again. This place maybe deserted for another 1 year 9 months.

Let me ask you a question before ending:

4 idiots wanted to start a business. So they went for courses to learn how to repair cars. After they graduate, they opened a garage. Yet, they have no business. Why? Keep me occupied in camp, SMS me your answers.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Taxi drivers do the wildest things

Behind the wheels for almost all the time they are awake, they have the most experience in driving, and it is so that they think they are the king of the roads.

They do many things. Some heroic, some stupid, and some just plain dumb.

Yesterday, I saw one squeezed through 2 cars in a 2 lane road. Wonder how many side mirrors had he damaged before mastering this skill.

One of the most dangerous times was when the driver drove into a road, in the opposite direction. Then slammed the brakes when he saw an approaching car. Thank God I'm alive, I mean Allah, no, Buddah. Heck I am free thinker.

They always like to talk. Its alright to be talking throughout the whole journey, but its not if he is scolding. Once my friend forgot to close the boot, and the driver scolded him all the way from Pasir Ris to Boon Lay.

Another mad driver drove at 120, in addition to going left and right, in and out. The driver was a female. Awesome.

And one had his car decorated with many (keyword: many) statues, and was listening to scriptures while driving. So spiritual, so Buddahic.

There they are, roaming the streets now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Been a long time

So dead during this 3 months, stuck on an ulu island, which when we all so eager to get out from, someone swam onto it.

Anyway, POP lo!!! Heck so what? 1 year 9 months more.

Quite a disgrace was the march pass.

Explains all. Don't worry, I am not inside. Really.

These few days is just rotting at home awaiting posting. Except for going out with someone for swimming, whom he didn't bring his trunks, and another whom don't know how to use the locker.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Its the season again

Lets choose a fabric and make a set of uniform for your family!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I am back, with nothing to say. To say inside, its just like that, you have heard so many times and you don't need me to repeat it again.

I think my blog will just be this kind of spammage posts for the next 2 years.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still moving

Weird right? I should be in Tekong now and yet its still moving! Tell you a secret... I have Internet access in Tekong. LIKE REAL!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I lied

Okay, I lied. It haven't even been a week and my blog starts to move.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A story

Let me tell you a story. It goes: Once upon a time, there were 3 people. The nosey, the irritating and the dumb. And they all disappeared. Including me. So you wouldn't be seeing this blog move in the next few weeks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

3 seconds vs 6 seconds

It just takes 3 seconds to look at a person's face, from the forehead to the chin. That is exactly how much time is needed to admire beauty. However, what does it mean when you take more than 3 seconds? 3 seconds to look, and another 3 seconds to ponder why he/she is so ugly.

So, a few days ago, I stared at some messed up Barbie doll. Her face was already funny enough, yet she thought she was pretty. She did tried very hard to act gorgeous, but that face and hair totally turned her efforts backwards. She looks even more messed up with her actions. In fact, I was wondering why she had the money to buy cosmetics but not the money to buy a mirror.

Next time, if a person glances at you, you are not ugly. If a person stares at you, go get a mirror. Maybe for her, a haircut and some makeup lessons.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Banglah fetish

Apparently, someone from Turkey had a sudden Banglah fetish on 10 Aug 2008 at 8:35am. He searched for "banglahs porn" in Google and got linked to my blog due to 2 of my posts. The Banglahs in public transport MRT post, and porn in the computer safety post. Quite funny, thinking that someone actually came to my blog, hoping to find Banglahs naked.

And also, someone from Hong Kong got cheated. "i am being cheated what should I do" on 29 Aug 2008 at 3:07pm. So here, let me tell you what to do. Cheat back, cry, or go die.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Don't blink!

Just a filler till I get some topics to blog on.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The difference

Boring Sunday, 12.35pm. Mary was all alone at home, and feeling bored. She picked up the phone and started scrolling through her contacts. She decides to call her close friend Ivy out to do some window shopping, waste away the boring Sunday.

Ivy steps into the bathroom and took a bath. Put on some makeup after bathing, and starts choosing clothes from her huge collection of clothes. It was already 1.26pm when she is all ready to go out. She looks out of the window and saw some dark clouds. She ignored it and put on her shoes, opens the door and steps out of the house.

She reaches the bus stop and saw a young boy together with his grandmother standing in the bay, waiting for the bus. She proceeds to stand behind them. Just as she passed the boy, she heard a loud crash. Turning around, she saw a huge truck coming towards her. The truck knocked down both the boy and his grandmother. Ivy wasn't spared.

They three died on the spot.

Sad story? Hold you thoughts first and read this other version:

Boring Sunday, 12.35pm. Mary was all alone at home, and feeling bored. She picked up the phone and started scrolling through her contacts. She decides to call her close friend Ivy out to do some window shopping, waste away the boring Sunday.

Ivy steps into the bathroom and took a bath. Put on some makeup after bathing, and starts choosing clothes from her huge collection of clothes. It was already 1.26pm when she is all ready to go out. She looks out of the window and saw some dark clouds. She ignored it and put on her shoes, opens the door and steps out of the house. Her phone suddenly rang. It was Mary. "Its going to rain soon, do you want to bring an umbrella?". Ivy reaches out her hand to take an umbrella, and steps out of her house.

She reaches the bus stop and saw a young boy together with his grandmother standing in the bay, waiting for the bus. She proceeds to stand behind them. Just then, she heard a loud crash. Turning around, she saw a huge truck coming towards her. The truck knocked down both the boy and his grandmother. The truck missed Ivy in just a few centimetres.

They two died on the spot.

Okay, my point here is not about how jinx Mary is, for giving Ivy such a close shave with death. Its about how that split second of reaching out for an umbrella saved Ivy's life. Of course, I don't mean that you have to reach out for an umbrella every time you go out.

Some small differences in life can actually make a big difference. However, we never know how the future will be, how things will evolve. We can't avoid any of this mishaps if we didn't know at first how it will end.

What you think and do may not be what you will get, for some small differences can result in some totally different results.

Now, the moral of my post? There's nothing you can do at all, really. (Okay, that was lame, wasted my few minutes of life to blog.)

Also, poor boy and grandmother, died in both scenarios.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pig Floor

J~u!d{y J#u$s%t^u&s A*b(r)a_h+a\m

Now she has to take classes irregardless of whether she has calls to make or counselling or wants to eat (makes that popular "wtf" hand signal).

Apparently, this overseas concoction from India pushed away classes at the last minute just to mess up our schedule. Now, she has no authority to do that. Muahaha.

Everyone is happy at the end of the day, maybe except for the piggy floor.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And the point?

China players, China trainer.

Medal is Singapore's.

Singapore still have to give money to these China players.

So what did Singapore gain?

A medal.

Generosity, by giving money.

Shame, of Singaporeans being so happy over that medal which doesn't at all belongs to Singapore.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The line

The boy picked up the phone, and was greeted by heartbreaking news - his father was found dead. (I sound like some story teller at this point.)

Police received a report at 12.35pm, in which a man was reported dead. Ambulance arrived bit too late to save the heart attack man. Upon reaching the scene, the boy understood everything. With arms around the boy's shoulder, the police officer consoled the boy, for each man has to die one day. The boy didn't like the kindliness at all. Not for which that his father is now dead, but for he was found dead in Geylang, in one of the houses. The report was made by the prostitute.

Sobs and tears from the boy were not for the unfortunate event. Rather, it was for the once admired dad, whom had sheltered all dangers, and rained love and care for the family. Geylang shop house was the last place his son would ever wanted his dad to be found dead.

During the wake, relatives and friends came forth to speak of his respectable character. He was a good man; that was the line (this line is not the line in the title) that hummed through the boy's ears the whole day. They praised how good he was before he had died like they never knew he died during an intercourse. The boy was perturbed, from the first second that his father's death was linked with Geylang. He had wished for relatives and friends to stop labeling his father as a good man. Geylang he abhorred.

With reluctance, the boy stepped into that very shop house, and looked for that very prostitute. He was seduced the very moment he stepped into the room. (For you out there, this has nothing to do with HornTail at all.) The long slender hand moved up his shorts, only to be stopped by the boy. (So, you are thinking of something else...) That was not the reason he is sitting on the bed his father died on, rather, he still had the hope of retaining his father's image. His hope vanished the moment he sat on the bed.

He walks out of the room with heavy footsteps. The good image of his father is now gone forever.

Now, was the father a good man like everyone claimed, or was he a bad man like how the boy found out? That is the line of the post. The thin line between good and bad. That is how the world operates. What may seem correct may seem wrong in other person's eyes. That line, is defined by you.
What's your line in life?

Out of post: Currently, there is a man in the carpark, with a piece of towel around his neck, and balancing a filled waterbottle on his head while walking up and down the carpark. Now, this is the line between sane and insane.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sadists vs Spasms vs Determined players without spasms

Ever played one of those games that is a top-down shooting where u control a small plane, hold on to the fire button, and dodge bullets? If you haven't, here's one for you to try.

Can you even manage to complete the first stage? Most people can't. You thought that was hard enough, see this:

Sadistic Japaneses.

Even more sadisticy:

Crazy sadistic Japanese game programmers.

How about this?:

I would have to say, that gamer pwned that sadistic programmer.

Its a great blessing I don't play Japanese games.

Friday, August 8, 2008


First, I have to give a reason for not coming on for so long. I was kind of carried away by my job due to the number of shows, and sleep debts.

Next, I have to say, they realised their mistakes. "Dentist-like ingredient" doesn't show on Colgate Total Professional Clean anymore.

Finally, I am still alive.

Ok the truth: I have nothing to blog about.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Not what you want it to be

Ask this question, describe biology. There are bound to be answers like: its factual and its just all facts that you remember and memorize. Agreed? Agreed.

The brain controls your everything through the nervous system. It controls your speech, your limbs, your emotions, it controls you. Agreed? Agreed. You agreed, I don't.

Just because:

When you do something, people stop you.
When you say something, people scold you.
When you need something, no one gives it to you.
When you give something, no one wants it.
When you want it to stop, it continues.
When you want it to continue, it stops.

In short, nothing goes according to the way you want it.

So, do your brain control you? Or people around you that is really controlling you?

Biology sucks, or rather, people hindering you sucks. I wish to live in a world where there is just me. Yet I can't! SEE! It just doesn't goes the way you want it.

Thursday, July 31, 2008



Thursday, July 24, 2008

So much for being creative

One plus one equals two.
Two equals one plus one.
One equals two minus one.
Add one to one, you get two.

You must be thinking I am trying to do something stupid. This is exactly what others are doing. Others? Advertisers of toothpaste.

Colgate, Sensodyne, they are all doing the same thing. Trying to call a person to say the same things over and over again. Saying things that we already know, saying things that already lost their meaning. Yet they keep on producing the same commercials over and over again. Just like when you try to say something over and over again.

Colgate, Sensodyne, they are all doing the same thing. Trying to call a person to say the same things over and over again. Saying things that we already know, saying things that already lost their meaning. Yet they keep on producing the same commercials over and over again. Just like when you try to say something over and over again.

Colgate, Sensodyne, they are all doing the same thing. Trying to call a person to say the same things over and over again. Saying things that we already know, saying things that already lost their meaning. Yet they keep on producing the same commercials over and over again. Just like when you try to say something over and over again.

Colgate, Sensodyne, they are all doing the same thing. Trying to call a person to say the same things over and over again. Saying things that we already know, saying things that already lost their meaning. Yet they keep on producing the same commercials over and over again. Just like when you try to say something over and over again.

So much for creativity campaigns.

Friday, July 18, 2008


The world is built upon trust - trust between friends, trust amongst family members, trust between colleagues, trust between community, trust between any two living souls. How true. Therefore, it is also true that this world builds upon nothing. Trust, is nothing.

NKF, RenCi, you won't see charity shows from these two organisations in the near future. They know, trust is nothing to them anymore. I mean, the fact that NKF didn't have their annual charity show clearly depicts that they know that they get no trust anymore. How about other organisations? How many more charity shows do you think would appear in this year? Still remember few years ago when it can reach up to 5~7 shows per year? How about now? Trust is one thing, one big thing that affects all. One trust affects all.

You trust your friends. Yet they tell you black lies (The exact opposite of a white lie, obviously.), they hurt you, they snatch your precious from you, they may just leave you crying. For one who doesn't keep to his words don't deserve trust. For one whom abuses trust don't deserve trust. For one whom trusts people who don't deserve trust, don't deserve trust. Basically, no one deserves to be trusted.

So much definitions of trust, but what actually is trust? Trust is a choice, a choice for you to make. For the fact that you are here reading my post shows that you made the choice of trusting that what I say makes sense. It may make sense to some while its crap to others; that, is your choice of trust.

There is no right or wrong in the choice of trust you make. One would choose to continue trusting people whom had betrayed them. That is their choice, its nothing wrong, even though when people around him thinks that he is stupid. It is also this choice they make that could greatly change their lives - a great one, for friendships that can withstand storms, or a screwed up one, for trusting the wrong person again.

A human is controlled by his brain. But even when the greatest scientists are unable to fathom the human brain, would trust still be a hard solid decision to make?

Trust me, trust me not, trust is nothing.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Ever tried drawing a $50 note using your computer mouse? I did.

My friend labeled it as 'most classic'. I never knew Yusof Ishak was so handsome under my hands. Well, maybe its because I didn't play with soil prior to drawing this.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I know not what they are doing

No I am not Christian. Its my neighbour. They are not Christians too, but they did this:

Which totally blocks the way down the stairs as you can see, and totally no reason why someone whould even be doing this.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chainsaw Maid

Two of my friends find it interesting and funny. How about you?

Every expression is nicely done. Nice.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My academic transcript

This was what happened to my transcript not long after I received it on my graduation day.

Yes, totally crumpled. My mother took it for lamination which main purpose was to preserve it, ended up destroying it. That person doing the lamination was a Malay (note: for descriptive purposes) teen girl.

According to my mum, her face was a classic the moment she saw the thing came out like that. That "OMG I did something wrong" face. My mum phoned me and of course I instructed her to demand for compensation, which was "priceless". Like real - $10.70 for a new set. You should have seen how my mum speak Malay. Enough to join some Malay debate competitions.

Yet it took me two trips down to Singapore Polytechnic just to get those three pieces of paper back in the correct shape. Troublesome. Just my luck to land my transcripts on some dumb people. And I think she now has laminationophobia.

Anyone who figures out what the red letters means gets a present from me. :D

Monday, June 23, 2008

Darlie oh Darlie

A Darlie towel, sitting somewhere in a corner of our kitchen for nobody knows how long.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Creativity is more important than the Earth

Received this a few weeks ago? Bet you did.

Upon seeing this sheet of green plastic, I thought to myself: Who on Earth is trying new stuns for "saving" the Earth? But I am surprised to know that I am totally wrong. This has nothing got to do with being eco-friendly. It merely asks you to be creative.

You want some numbers go green? I give you green numbers. (I did make the numbers green. But it was already green in the first place.)

I received it through the purchase of The New Paper. Estimated 110000 copies are sold everyday. Accompany 1 sheet of plastic for each purchase. Remembered reading on the papers that this sheet of plastic can be obtained through some stores island wide. Just imagine *number* of copies of this green plastic being given out. Definitely enough weight to crush you to death.

Yet, how many people can you get to submit an entry for this contest? 100? 1000? Surely not 10000? Yes. Where to all the extra plastics go to? Maybe like mine, still sitting in the house. Or could already have been thrown away.

These plastics used could well supply us enough free plastic bags on Wednesdays for at least a month or two. Yet we throw them away cause there is only one use for this plastic: that is to take part in the contest. And even if you did take part? You discard it after the contest ends.

Enough. Creativity is more important.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stacks and stacks of... 2

I am here now because of some idiots who ask me to go away while hogging something of mine. I didn't update for quite long anyway, so maybe its time I should.

If you could still remember my post long ago, I promised to upload other stacks I've done.

This time, its really stacks and stacks of money.

This is the first stack I ever done. It is obviously a bridge, and when I posted up on my MSN display picture, someone came to ask me: What bridge is that? I've never seen a bridge so long, without visible land in the background.

Second. I just stacked it out of nothing. Nothing was on my mind. It was just a random design.

Of course, I don't just stack money. I stack staplets (as seen here) and also McDonald's sauces. Here it is:

Okay, I am going back to see if that idiot wants to return me whats supposed to be mine.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fake advertisement figures

On my way to return the graduation robe, I saw some advertisements on the train:

Use a fan instead of an air-conditioner and save about $50 a month or about $600 ($650 was the figure shown on their official website) a year.
When using an air-conditioner, every degree raised on the thermostat could save you about $20 a year.

If you think I am crapping, try taking some trains to see for yourself.

So, I proved myself to not be crapping, but the advertiser din't.

Simple mathematics: Lowest you can go on an air-conditioner is 16°. The average room temperature in Singapore is 26°. Lets exaggerate the room temperature to be 30°. A 14° difference, according to the advertisement's figures, can save you about $280 a year. What happens to the other $370? That is a question.

Even considering in the fact that the lower you go on your thermostat, the more energy it will consume, that figure won't work out. Unless you tell me energy consumption increases more (faster) than exponentially.

The media really goes to show how people would go all out, obviously or not so obviously, to reach their aims. Just take a look back to the top. Save $50 a month, or $650 a year.

They seems to be living a 13 month year, their own world, different from ours.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Darlie, Darlie, and more Darlie

Here are some questions before my post, try answering them before reading on.

Which cartoon character is Darlie most associated with?
a) Powerpuff Girls
b) Mickey Mouse
c) Snoopy
d) Popeye

What would you normally find to be together with Darlie toothpaste?
a) Fork and spoons
b) Cups and bowls
c) Pot and pans
d) Plates

Here are the answers:
(Highlight from here onwards)
Darlie is most associated with Snoopy.
You can find Darlie toothpaste together with cups and bowls easily.

(Highlight until here)

Why are the answers so? Find out for yourself:

Snoopy World Games 2008

Snoopy Fun Time Series (Mugs)

Snoopy Fun Time Series (Bowls)

Snoopy Hobby Mug Collection

Snoopy something series (Too long ago, but the whole set of 5 still intact)

Snoopy again something series (Even longer ago, with 2 out of 4 still intact)

Of course, its not all totally about Snoopy.

We have the Powerpuff Girls! (They SUCKS actually)

And Mickey Mouse! (Again long ago, 2 out of 4 intact)

I seriously don't know what series or collection these falls under. Maybe sunflower series, according to the picture. But I remember there were tonnes of them, which broke 1 by 1. There should be 4 designs in this series, now left with 2. Green and yellow are the other 2, according to my sister.

Okok. So what do all these have to do with Darlie? There is one thing in common with them all. That is they are all gifts from buying Darlie toothpastes. Take note here, you need to buy 2 x 250g Darlie toothpaste in order to have one of those. So effectively, you have to buy 64 tubes of toothpaste in order to get all the above (not including those that are already broken).

And yes you guessed it there is currently an overflow of toothpastes in my house.

Here. 11 tubes.

And they are all seated nicely in the cupboard.

Conclusion: Either I have a Darlie freak mum, or I have a Snoopy freak mum.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

3 years is enough

Applying to different context, 3 years is enough. Enough for a diploma:

Ok that's all. Nothing else much to say.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

4 years just isn't enough

4 years here refer to 4 years in secondary school, classmates of whole 4 years. Really, 4 isn't a big number. Add a 'year', and it seems long enough, but trust me, its not. They can be joking and playing with you, but you never know when they will try to eat you. Here is a situation to illustrate my point:

A, B, C, D and E, organizers of a chalet, organized a chalet (obviously). Invites people with an estimate cost of $20+ each. 20 people turned up. Ended up collecting $35 from each person. WOW, a $700 chalet. 3 days 2 nights $35 sounds quite expensive? NO. Its 2 days 1 night for $35. We probably ate gold-plated satays and otahs.

Of course, F, G, H, I, J and K wasn't at all happy with $35, with disbelieve of course, raised it to organizer A. Now, this is the fun part. A says everyone, paying $35, is UNDERPAYING. Of course at this time any sane person would not believe. So F, me, requests for a breakdown of costs. And guess what happened? Even more exciting! $35 is an OVERPAYING amount.

A, feeling guilty, referred this to B, a guy who is all ready to start an argument. B told me that A received $210. 10 people did not pay. At this point, doing some calculations: 5 organizers/co-organizers would have paid. Yet, 9 participants paid $35 each to C, a co-organizer. Which in fact turns out to be 14 people who paid. 6 would be the correct number to say when it comes to listing those who haven't pay. Very obvious. B is implying that some of us 9 did not pay. I told B, that 9 people paid to C, and if they did not receive it, they should reconsider trusting C.

A and B, felt guilty again and offered to refund $50 back, with lots of unhappiness. Since they would be returning to me, I asked them to include my Mahjong winnings of $7.40, which they DELIBERATELY shunned after the game of Mahjong. B now gets angry and asked me to shut.

Hey! If $7.40, which was supposed to be rightfully mine, will make you angry, you are nuts. (As in those that you hate your boss.)

This continues with a little while more of arguments which is not important for this blog.

*End of story*

My point: Classmates of 4 years can scam you. Sorry, I never knew or met them before in my life. Should I say bye? Maybe not, I don't even know them.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

On the days before 1985...

Were you born before 1985? Do you remember things before 1985? If you do, do you find this familiar?

Recognise? Looks like some fuckedup retarded person. (Sounds familiar? I used a wrong word. The picture only shows one face.)

Anyway, if you can't recognise the ever so familiar logo, its Darkie. Okok, some of you may be wondering what on Earth is Darkie. Its the Darlie before 1985. I actually prefer this logo over the current one. Too bad it was renamed and relogoed due to racism. Come to think of it, its really... Haha...

Darkie had a better smile than Darlie.

Since I am on toothpastes now, I want to say something about the current trends in toothpaste commercials. I don't know why, but the commercials now all portray one dentist speaking. As you had always learnt in school : One person's opinion cannot represent the whole community, and sources not backed up are not to be trusted. ("The brand most dentist recommend")

I really don't see the effectiveness of these commercials. Especially when they decide to use people who can't talk properly. I wouldn't buy these (Colgate and Sensodyne) toothpastes. Just take a look at Darlie's commercial! So full of life! (If you remember it that is. Shows a girl waking up from bed then goes into the toilet.)

Boring facts don't appeal to people. Especially when you have to listen to it (in non accurate speech) over and over again. Whereas if the Darlie commercial is to repeat, you can still enjoy the music (or may be the girl). All in all, I am a supporter of Darlie, that's all. Yes, I am a supporter of Darlie because other brand's commercials really sucks. And Mr Darkie there looks cute. v^^v.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Leaving things the way it is

This was the topic which was supposed to be in the previous post. Here it is now. Hey! Leaving things the way it should be right? So a diary must look like a diary.

Monday, 12 May 2008 12:02pm Dark clouds

Heck! This is a blog.

Now, keeping things the way it is. Yes, global warming. v^^v. I can sense that you people are tired of the anti global warming on my blog, so heres just one line, to fully summarise what I want to say: If you want to keep developments (speed of) the way it is, then the global warming (speed of) is here to stay. Oh God! One line not enough! Another: Leave our lifestyles the way it is and don't ask us to save 10% electricity just to win an (eco-friendly) car, which however friendly it can be, still harms the environment. Sorry! One last one: You save 1 month's 10% bill cost just to spend a lifetime of fuel cost on your new car. v^^v.

Its not entirely revolving around global warming. Heard of the line 江山易改,本性难移。(A leopard never changes its spots)? You can't change a person's character. If one were to change, it would be him himself whom encounter something which greatly affects him, then would the change slowly surface, without the person putting effort. A person's character is inbuilt, and will the same reaction of him be shown in the same circumstances, 10 times 100 times. If you don't like it, either accept it, or leave it. Or the thing to say, hes not your clique of friend.

I am a believer that everything is planned beforehand. Fate. And when people say that they don't believe in fate, or they don't succumb to fate, have you ever wondered that its planned beforehand that this particular guy will be "battling fate"?

So, leave things the way it is. A change is futile.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No luck

I wanted to update my blog during the short time span I had between games. But too bad, the Blogger homepage loaded slower than a snail. So, that's all for the update.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Again, here to say that its still alive. I know I had a blog, which died after a few weeks, so I have to do this now. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive. Its still alive.

So, I just bought a new computer, have many stuffs to install, and most of all, some buggers are bugging me to Maple and DotA. That leaves me with little time, and considering that I still have to watch my MiTu, LOST, Greys Anatomy and flzt, I am practically left with no time.

[miin] gave me a topic to blog on. About the IKEA thingy which I don't know anything about it so I can't really blog on it. Its still about the global warming topic and I am sure all of you would have already known the outcome if I blogged.

And so, I am going in on 13th Sept 2008. (See that red dot there? Its a full stop. Means its the end. End as in really end and we can all stop talking about it.)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The 1 useless information to ask

Imagine you want to know something, this something happens to all guys in Singapore. You go around asking.

You asked A, A gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked B, B gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked C, C gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked D, D gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked E, E gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked F, F gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked G, G gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked H, H gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked I, I gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked J, J gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked K, K gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked L, L gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked M, M gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked N, N gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked A, A gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked O, O gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked P, P gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked Q, Q gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked R, R gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked S, S gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked T, T gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked U, U gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked V, V gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked W, W gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked X, X gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked Y, Y gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked A, A gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked Z, Z gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked AA, AA gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked AB, AB gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked AC, AC gave you his 'unique' answer.
You asked ZZZ, ZZZ gave you his 'unique' answer.

Now, what was A's answer again? If you noticed, you asked A three times. (scroll up)

I don't see why people go around asking for enlistment dates. You ask, make a comparison with your date, have a 5 minute chat about it, and everything's gone. And gone as in really it doesn't even affect your any bit of 2 years in the army. NO. Typical Singaporeans.

Not trying to say that this question shouldn't be ask at all, but, if you are someone that haven't been talking to me for months/years/decades (I wanted to go into centuries, but guess I am not that old.), there really don't exist the need to ask. So what if you find someone with the same enlistment date as you? If you haven't been talking to him/her (that was a joke), I guess you 2 wouldn't be close in camp too.

So, if you want to ask, remember it. If you want to forget and ask again, you better don't ask at all.

Read Communicating effectively for more information.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This is to tell you guys that this blog is still alive, just that I haven't came across anything interesting to update on lately. I was Mapling.

Saw the TV ad to ask you keep your power bills? Yes, another "global warming" thingy from the government, to make it look as though all that developments don't contribute to what we are "forced" to do now.

Anyway, I may just update some interesting things from the web I saw here, have a good laugh:


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Earth Hour

Did you use any electricity on 29 March 2008, 8-9pm? That is the Earth Hour, in which you are not supposed to use electricity in bid to reduce energy consumption of the whole world. Yes, of course, the global warming thing again.

It was a worldwide event, but how many of you who is actually reading this knew anything about the Earth Hour? Or actually did "your part" (of stupidity) for this event? Similar to the concert on 07/07/07 (Such a failure that I forgot the name of the event), it gives a feeling (at least to me) that the money spent on the event, do not justify with the amount of effort that was shown in "saving" the Earth.

Yes we can see the significant difference of the energy saved from over 2007 to 2008 (Yea right, just for THAT ONE hour. You were thinking of the whole year?), but did this event actually save that much energy? No. Rough gauge of only about 60% of reported figures. Why? You schedule what you want to do on that particular hour on a different timing. Which still uses electricity, duh!

But how many people whom joined this event actually know what they were doing? Before I say anything else, watch this:

Funny eah? People don't think about what they do. That hour, is 0.011415525% of a year. So you think it makes a difference? Let me tell you what makes a difference: the government that is going to massively revamp Jurong in the next 10 year.

On one hand they tell us to save the Earth, on the other hand they "save" the Earth by drilling holes on it. Funny.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Searching the web

Inspired by [anonymous], I want to teach you people out there how to search the web.

First of all, don't think that you can just go to any kind of search websites, type in anything you like, and expect to find anything you want. That, is wrong. Take for example, you go to Technorati, search for "How does *something* work? What is the theory behind it?", and expect to find information suitable for you school project/assignment. Absurd.

Now, you may be asking what on WWW (Earth) is Technorati. Technorati is a blog search. So, don't expect to find serious stuffs there. This brings me to my first point. Using the right search website. Generally, sites like Yahoo! or Google can do the job. But there are cases where you need to extend your search to other sites like Technorati (for searching the web for one of your friend's secret blog) or Baidu, 百度 (for Chinese stuffs). Now, the misconception of Baidu is that people thinks that its only for songs. Much people did not notice that there is a web search feature on Baidu, I don't see how they can miss that.

Take this situation, someone comes to you on MSN and asks you for a particular Mandarin song. He goes: "Hey! Do you have *something in han4 yu3 pin1 ying1 which he don't even bother to give you which sound it is* by *again some hypy*? I can't find it on Baidu!" And one thing I am going to tell you is to fuck off. Second point: Never on WWW, you can 'survive' on only one search site. Please extend your search to other websites, Baidu is not the monopoly, in fact, none of the sites is a monopoly. Try SoGua or 6621, just to name a few. So, make sure you are 80% confident that you've search each and every possible web pages on WWW before going to someone else. It is just irritating to have someone asking you to find things which you can find it within one minute.

Thirdly, your search. Refer to the first example, "How does *something* work? What is the theory behind it?" I'm sorry, but sad to say, search engines are not humans. Don't go to them and ask it (him) a question and expects it to find you something you want. Search with keywords. It is hard to master, but all I can say is, imagine yourself as a writer of a certain length of text that is on your topic. Think about what special words you would be using in your text, and search for them. Now when I said 'special', I mean words that can reflect directly on the topic of the text. Don't go searching for 'he', 'and', 'or', 'if'. Go die.

Fourth, it doesn't matter how many search engines you use, it will never be enough. Try using Ctrl+F on pages that you think its worth your search. You may just miss something important on a one million worded page. If you want to find song files or other things that may contain an extension, but could only find streaming versions of it, work your way around them. The link to the files you want is hidden in the page. You can retrieve these files by looking at the source code of the page. Works wonders. Nope, don't expect me to spoon feed you on this method, go find out yourself.

Now, stop bugging people to find things for you. You want it, find it yourself.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Irritants on the train

They encourage us to take public transports, giving tonnes of reasons why you should take public transports. Here, I give reasons to why you should not take public transports (MRTs).

Irritant number 1:
SMRT always decides to save power and turns of the lights at specific timings. You know I know, no elaboration needed, lest the law gets in the way.

Irritant number 2:
You stand near the door, waiting to alight. The door opens and even before you step out, uncles, aunties and banglahs rush in to snatch seats.

Irritant number 3:
You suddenly find your seat getting smaller. You turn your head, and find 3 (electricity saving) people sharing 2 seats.

Irritant number 4:
You feel itchy at your arm. Again you felt it. Caused by short people, especially girls/women/bitches with unkempt hair, all puffed up, and irritating.

Irritant number 5:
You see someone already leaning against the glass panel/door, and yet still wants to raise his (no her) hand to grab hold onto something. Especially irritating when its crowded.

Irritant number 6:
You hear (loud/noisy/irritating) songs you can't really identify. From handphones of irritating people.

Irritant number 7:
Leaning on the pole. No explanations needed.

Irritant number 8:
You feel the person sitting beside you moving closer to you, and closer, and closer, and closer. Hey! Stop sleeping!

Irritant number 9:
Excuse me, Excuse me, Scuse me, Kew me, *quiet* (and just squeezes his/her way through). Its still another one minute before the train reaches the next stop.

Irritant number 10:
Idiots that thinks that the train door always opens on the same side.

Irritant number ##:
Go to YouTube, you will find alot more there.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The third reply

I received a phone call this afternoon. Yes, like why I would blog about a phone call. It is not a normal phone call that you receive every now and then. It is a very special phone call. A call that was made to my hand phone. A call that lasted 10 1/2 minutes. A call that was received at around 4:30pm. A call that was received while I was playing MapleStory. A call that allows me to lengthen my post with crap.

To the point: from Ronny Tham. Of course, like he will call me for any other stuffs, One Fuckedup Retarded lecturer.

One of the few things that made me felt SO good after hearing is about him not turning up for the makeup lesson. RT claims that OFR a-p-o-l-o-g-i-s-e-s for not turning up for his makeup lesson. (Take out your foundation, mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow, ...) Although I doubt the credibility, but it would be so rare to see such arrogant person to be apologetic.

Next, I suspect RT is the same breed as OFR. He told me that after he approached OFR, OFR told him that he did not find any mistakes in his answer scheme. Like HELLO, if he had found the mistake, he wouldn't have made it in the first place. Anyway, its so long ago, I just tried my best to point out to him about the mistakes. He should understand, unless he is the, urm..., OFR breed.

I gave the in vitro fertilisation example to RT and hope that he would go tell OFR, let OFR laugh at his own stupid mistakes.

Lastly, RT said that OFR, on his part, will try to be better in his attitude towards future batches. RT also asked me if there were any specific actions that I want RT to make. However, being the kind me, I told him nothing. (Like who don't want him to be sacked?) RT assured that he would put close monitor on OFR for future students.

And that OFR must be cursing and swearing hard, for he must regret giving me that Distinction for his module. He is totally pwned.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

This post doesn't need a title

Sorry for not updating for so long. Alot of people came to tell me that my posts are interesting. But, interesting things do run out. My blog is not the normal blogs you see when the blogger just go, in chronological order, from the moment he/she wakes up, to the moment he/she fall asleep. Its like, do I (the reader) even need to know all these? To add on, I've came across a blog that even goes into his dreams. 8 out of 10 posts is about his dreams. He should see a doctor for dreaming so much. [miin] or rather [myz] should know quite alot about this guy. :P

Ok, the weather has been so cold the pass few days. Yes, raining consecutively for 3 days. Now, YOU CALL THAT GLOBAL WARMING? (That's so not scientific. Whatever.) And I don't think I have anything else to say for the cold weather.

So let's move on to Sensodyne. Anyone noticed the similarity of its commercials to the Colgate commercial? If you noticed carefully, they labelled the man as 口腔卫生专家 (Oral hygiene professional), or something like that. If so, why do they portray him as a dentist? With the background enhancing his portrayal as a dentist? Then why can't they label him just as a 牙医 (Dentist)? Obviously trying to mislead the consumer right? Well, I can't do anything, but I can wonder if Sensodyne was produced using the same methods as Colgate.

Friday, March 7, 2008

How Colgate was made?

Bet you have seen the ever irritating and super lack of creativity Colgate commercial on television - Colgate Total 12 Professional Clean. Ever wondered how it was made? I wondered. I have some guesses on how it was made:

1) Take some dentist,

grind them into paste form, inject into tube.

2) Take some dentist look-a-likes,

grind them into paste form, inject into tube.


3) Take some fake dentists (like those in the commercials), grind them into paste, inject into tube.

To create: Colgate Total 12 Professional Clean
with "dentist-like" ingredients.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Second reply

This is the second reply I received.

From: His (PhD) superior (Masters), Ronny Tham Quin Fai.

Thank you for your feedback.

We are now looking into the matter. I would appreciate if you could provide us with your contact number so that we could reach you regarding the matter.

Thank you.


Ronny Tham Quin Fai
Section Head/Manager, (SP CARE)
Singapore Polytechnic

Friday, February 29, 2008


Thank you for your feedback. We have forwarded your feedback to the Director of School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering for his necessary action. We will response to you after our investigation and analysis of your feedback.

We shall see. Check back for updates.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Computer safety

I know not what some people are thinking. They happily let virus infect their computers. So many ways to get your computer infected nowadays. Well, if you read and practise what I am going to say, then your computer will stay generally safe.

Most commonly seen is the "file" people try to send through MSN Messenger. I don't understand at all why do people accept the files. Who on Earth will use complete sentences with correct punctuation and capitals (Like how I do in my blog.) to chat with you? And mind you, the file is a "whooping" 27Kb for a rar/zip file which contains pictures. Even Edison's scandal pictures are not that small in size (People/Kira reduced its size for speedier transfers and spreading.). Of course, most people got infected with this virus due to the fact that they set their MSN Messenger to automatically accept requests. So go change this option already, dumb fucks. Sorry, but I am seriously irritated in those virus messages.

One myth is that your computer gets infected with virus easily when you surf porn. This is not totally untrue, but generally you are safe while enjoying.

If you are still afraid, go install an antivirus software that runs real time. I.e. they scan continuously whilst you are using the computer. Some use Norton, some use One Care, some use AVG, some use blah blah blah, so many to choose from. But key word is a 'resident scanner'. I use Avast!, and haven had any problems till now.

Next common one (Still spreading and developing.) is the e-mail "You have been blocked". Wow, you would really wish to know who the heck in this world blocked you. You want to find out; but found virus instead. Is it really important to know who blocked you? You should know who are or are not your friends. If you need to rely on these things, then you somewhat failed being a human, go be lonely.

It doesn't take one long (not even 1 minute) to Google/Yahoo/Find/Meta/Ask/... (General: web search) anything that is suspicious. Take the previous example, just go to ANY search engine, type in '' and *you will get what I mean*. For any files/links/applications/... that are potentially harmful, got do a search. Would you rather spend less than 1 minute to search for something, or spent 1 week trying to fix that virus (and ended up formatting your hard drive). Your choice.

It doesn't take much to keep your computer safe. Take it as the whole world is trying to sabotage your computer. Keep up your awareness. And stop bugging people for remedies for your stupid mistakes. These are things you ought to know if you have an Internet connection.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Earth

After so long of not updating my blog, my returning post is about the Earth. Read on, it’s not a boring topic, at least for me.

Do you know, the Earth has a diameter of 12753km? (That’s not interesting.)
This makes the circumference 40064km. (That’s not interesting either.)
And Earth takes 24 hours to make a complete rotation. (Fuck. It’s NOT interesting! _l_)
Therefore, all of us living near the equator are moving at up to 14m/s. (Wow. Interesting?)
Faster than how fast you see an Olympic runner runs a 100m race. (Feeling giddy?)

Let's move on to something more interesting about the Earth.

When I first saw this:

It is a 10 minute video that would probably confuse you if you don't know anything about geography. It is a video saying that the lands of the Earth fits together nicely on a smaller Earth, i.e. without the oceans. During the past hundred millions of years, the Earth expanded from a small, ocean-less globe into what it is now. Prove is how the lands are able to fit nicely, the sea beds are not as old as the land (and shows varying degrees of ages to depict how the Earth expanded), and how the trees in America and Russia are of the same kind (as they were once together).

The video also ruled out subductions. Subduction is one denser section of the Earth's crust moving towards and underneath another lighter section. This, if present, would totally make this expanding Earth theory all useless. The video mentioned that if it was true that subductions were not present, hundred years of physics theory would go down the drain as they cannot be used to explain the absence of subduction.

I thought, how the heck can Earth expand? (Interesting on how the land fits together on a smaller Earth though.) And where did all that water come from to form the oceans?

Until I read an article on National Geographic website that a huge underground "ocean" is found beneath Asia, I knew that oceans were formed through water "baked" by the Earth which escapes as volcanic gas. This process is now reversed, which explains why the moisture is found in the Earth itself.

Now, that leaves us with subduction. Subduction is proven, with evidences, and almost all scientist/geologist/geophysicist/teachers/students/presidents/monkeys agree that subduction is indeed present. However, nuclear waste disposal is banned at subduction zones. Thinking in the point of conspiracy theories, it’s banned because subduction doesn't exist at all. Subduction zones are drawn up by humans, but no subduction is actually present in these areas. It was only proven, remember? Not verified.

So, I believe that the expanding Earth theory is true, even though it’s being ruled out few tens of years back. (It’s always interesting to believe in interesting things.)

强词夺理 (To distort the right and talk speciously). Whatever. I believe in what I say.

Adding on to the "ocean" found beneath Earth, water is now going in reverse: back into the Earth. As we learnt from physics, evaporation causes cooling, Earth is loosing water, which gives a partial explanation about global warming. Less water to evaporate, less cooling.

Also, temperature changes on Mars suggests that global warming is caused partially by the Sun. But scientists claimed that it is only a small effect on the overall global warming on Earth. Heck, if the change on Mars was so obvious for people 56~400 million kilometres away from it to detect, I don't see why it shouldn't have a big effect on Earth.

People are just trying to scare others, and trying to save/make money. (By DENYING us of free plastic bags, and FORCING us to buy UGLY looking bags, which you have to REUSE like nobody's business, for a few ten cents each.

奸商s (Profiteers) indeed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I just found out, I can't stand (whatever that is in the post before this) to be up smack onto people's face when they come to my blog. So here, some flooding would do.


Some Videos

I rather not have the new year.

Fucking disgrace. I don't want to be a Singaporean liao.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The letter of death

Following is the letter to Singapore Polytechnic for O.n,g F_o-o&k R$h^u (this is to prevent his name appearing up on search websites, read the red), also known as One Fuckedup Retarded lecturer.

To my ex-classmates: The letter will be sent to the Quality Service Manager. If no reply is given, it will be sent to Director MM office. Still no action, to Principal, and lastly MOE, till a reply is received.

By default, your names will be included in the letter (full name and admission number). If you do not wish your name to appear on the letter, please contact me immediately. Also, if you happen to fail Biomechanics, please do inform me straight away and I will remove your names.

Results will be released on 27 Feb and I will send the letter on 28 Feb 23:59:59:99:99:99:99:99.

Should the number of people who is willing to let his/her name appear on the letter be less than 15, NONE of the names will appear on the letter, and the letter will be sent anonymously through snail mail.
Read through the letter and inform me if you want any changes made.

And here, the letter:

Mrs Yap Siew Lay
Quality Service Manager
Singapore Polytechnic
500 Dover Road
Singapore 139651

28 February 2008

Dear Mrs Yap


We were a class of students being taught under Dr O.n,g F_o-o&k R$h^u for MM3330 Biomechanics in academic year 2007/08 semester 2 and would like to feed back on the teaching quality of Dr O.n,g F_o-o&k R$h^u which has not met our expectations.

We were disappointed as Dr O.n,g F_o-o&k R$h^u has shown irresponsibility and incompetency for providing quality education. He is also being suspected of marking test papers against wrong answer schemes.

During the first test, he made an official verbal statement which rendered that particular question to be unsolvable. Also, minutes before the second test, a query was made to clarify methods to solve a particular question. He showed unwillingness in clarifying doubts of students and gave a perfunctory explanation. This explanation caused a question in that test paper to result in having multiple possible answers.

He showed unwillingness to clarify doubts of students in many other cases too. We were brushed off with “Go read your notes.” and “You didn’t even try solving the question.” when queries were made. Students under him for MM1305 Engineering Materials 1 also faced this problem.

He was also irresponsible for his teaching as was shown during his last lesson for MM3330. He was talking about things not related to the module which resulted in him not being able to finish teaching the syllabus. He ended his lesson by requesting students to visit BlackBoard for tutorial answers and self learn the remaining of the chapter. However, when students tried to clarify doubts, the above mentioned problem was faced. Another scenario where he showed irresponsibility was when he had planned for a make-up lesson on 4 January 2008 which he did not turn up. No explanations or apologies were given during his next lesson.

As a professional educator, he is not expected to know everything. However, he should be expected to not provide students with incorrect information. On 19 November 2007, upon knowing that we have a test following his lesson, he kindly offered to, at his best, clarify doubts for that module as there were some similarities between the two modules. It is at which he provided two pieces of wrong information out of the few questions posted. Solutions to tutorial questions posted on the BlackBoard for MM3330 also contain multiple errors.

The impression he gave students was that he is more concerned in his research studies than in educating students. He would sometimes spend time during his lessons to speak about his research studies. He is also unreachable by students most of the time and the reason he gave was that he was busy with his research stuff.

Being a renowned educational institution, we believe Singapore Polytechnic is targeted to provide quality education to students. Singapore Polytechnic has done well so far and we believe would tackle this situation promptly to provide an even better education to students of Singapore Polytechnic. We would appreciate a reply for acknowledgement of this case *removed if sending by snail mail*.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully
Students of class DMA/EO/3C/208 (Its obviously wrong, again, to prevent it appearing on search engins.)

*admission numbers* *full names* (in admission number order)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chinese New Year

Anyone who knows me well enough will know that I always talk about negative stuffs during festive seasons. Same goes for Chinese New Year. But since it's my race's holiday, I am going to say some, just some, good things. It’s still just any other day.

Well, happy Chinese (Lunar) new year to my fellow friends, go get more money, and stop grumbling about not having enough money. Yay.

Okay, now for the negative stuffs (Yes, its only that little of positive stuffs). People like to do or say some stuffs to signify some good things. But they don't know the hidden meanings. Here they are:

1) Action: Sticking "福" (Luck) upside down.

In Chinese (mandarin) it signifies:
Direct: "福倒" (Inverted Luck)
Meaning: "福到" (Luck come)

In my definition, it signifies:
A dead person being buried. Why?
Let's take a look at the picture below. On the left is the upright "福" and on the right is the inverted "福". Looking at the inverted as a picture rather than a word, the "一" looks like a flat surface, the base of a coffin. The "口" means "mouth" or some Chinese use it to represent a person. Now, the person is (lying) on the flat surface. "田" means field, earth. Putting these 3 things in order, you get a person lying in a coffin, and is under the earth, buried. Oh, an additional 3 blades of grass to the right!

2) Saying: 年年有余

In Chinese (mandarin) it signifies:
Leftovers every year, meaning you lack nothing, everything is more than enough.

In my definition, it signifies:
Wasteful. Although I don't quite believe that this causes the climate change (Will tell you why in another post, stay tuned), but still, its wasting. Think about the starving childrenSSS *brings in pictures of black skinny children, so often seen, it makes no more impact*.

3) Saying: 财源广近

In Chinese (mandarin) it signifies:
Fortune comes in big groups.

In my definition, it signifies:
"裁员广近", exact same pronounciation, meaning retrenchment comes in big groups.

4) Singing: 迎春花 (Scientific name: Jasminum nudiflorum)

In Chinese (mandarin) it signifies:

(On the month of chinese new year, "spring welcoming" flower blooms.
When the "spring welcoming" flower blooms, everyone loves it.
"Spring welcoming" flowers blooms everywhere.
The fortune, good fortune comes.
Good fortune comes, good fortune comes.
Brilliance is everywhere.
Let's pluck the "spring welcoming" flowers.
Hey hey na hu ya hu hey.
Together, we plant and irrigate hardworkingly.)

In my definition, it signifies:
(With very similiar pronunciation)

(On the month of chinese new year, *a sexually transmitted disease* blooms.
When the *STD* blooms, everyone is sad.
*STD* blooms everywhere.
Can't, can't wake up.
Can't wake up, can't wake up.
Coffins are everywhere.
Let's all get infected with the *STD*
Black black ar your mother very black (Okay this is out, but still sounds funny)
Together, we spread and mutate the *STD* hardworkingly.)

5) Action: Not sweeping the floor for the whole CNY period (15 days).

In Chinese (mandarin) it signifies:
Not sweeping away the good luck.

In my definition, it signifies:
Not sweeping away the bad luck.

6) Action: Buying lots of new year goodies (food).

In Chinese (mandarin) it signifies:
You start your year with an abundance of food.

In my definition, it signifies:
Spending hundreds to get fat and sick. These foods are fattening and "heaty".

That’s all I can recall for now. Anything else will be posted next year.

I am back!

Finally I am back. Miss me? Sure you do! If not you wouldn't have came to my blog. Yea, thanks for missing me. Do continue to miss me.

A brief update on what I did these few days. I had never played so hard ever in my life. The unofficial graduation was havoc. So many activities, and surprisingly, NONE of them was with my ex-polytechnic classmates (Wow, sounded so old).

Went directly to a chalet after the last paper, didn't sleep for that night.
Overnight mahjong for the next day, didn't sleep for the night again.
Steamboat the next night, better, but still slept late and woke early the next day.
Night safari the following night, slept late.
Blogging for tonight, finally a good sleep, I hope.

As for the details, I think I will skip. Don't want you blog readers to have an eyesore reading such a long post. I don't feel like typing them out either. But generally, it was super tiring, but fun.

Plans for the next few days is to enjoy the holidays, although it doesn’t really matter to me. So now let's just move on to a separate post to talk about the Chinese New Year.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Tomorrow is the last paper of my polytechnic life. You are seeing this now because I will only be back after enough chaleting, mahjonging and mapling. Don't worry. It's fast.

I know some of you can't wait to preview the letter. I can't wait to celebrate my unofficial graduation too. So, WAIT. -.=

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bomb-ed Bill

Nope, I am not planning to bomb Bill Gates. I am referring to my bill, phone bill.

People may say: "Hey! Its only $68.96. What's the big deal? My bill goes up to hundreds."

Take a closer look. My previous bill was $9.23. A 7.471289274106175514626218851571 times increase. Ever seen this happening to you?

Let's make an analysis:

15.9 mins off-peak, 60.9 mins peak of talk time, total 76.8 mins.

Main contributing factor? FYP. Where the leader just likes to keep calling me, and better still, chooses to call me during peak hours. Worse still, every time without fail, he would try to find things to discuss when everything is already settled. He will go: "尔。。。还有什么啊?" (Meaning: Er... What else ah?). Which, roughly estimated, amounts to at least 15-20% of the total time. But now, FYP is over. So I won't comment anything more.

But I want to say/announce/shout something IMPORTANT: To ALL my friends out there, DO NOT call me unless ABSOLUTE necessary CAUSE I DON'T FREAKING HAVE FREE INCOMING (and caller ID too). An SMS will do better than calling.

Next, 1475 SMSes:

Wow, wow, WOW! I don't even know how I manage to achieve that. I doubt many of you out there can even break 1k. Yes, 2 people to blame. You know who you are. Do that again, and I will chop you up.

So, you are free to send me as many SMS as you like. But don't make me waste money like how my FYP leader did. Don't message crap. I am fine with going straight to the point. You don't have to spend 20 messages to express one idea.

Yea, this better don't happen again, or I will chop up whoever that is largely responsible for it.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The face

Starting deleting sequence... Initiated.

Deleting Chapter 1 : Scope of Biomechanics... Done!

Deleting Chapter 2 : Basic Anatomy Terminology... Done!

Deleting Chapter 3 : Mechanics... Done!

Deleting Chapter 4 : Strength of Materials... Done!

Deleting Chapter 5 : Bone... Done!

Deleting Chapter 6 : Tendon and Ligament... Done!

Deleting Chapter 7 : Skeletal Muscle... Done!

Deleting Chapter 8 : Musculoskeletal Statics... Done!

Deleting Chapter 9 : Musculoskeletal Dynamics... Done!

Deleting ... Failed!

Retrying... Failed!

Retrying... Done!

Deleting One Fuckedup Retarded Lecturer... Failed!

Retrying... Failed!

Retrying... Failed!

Sequence aborted... One Fuckedup Retarded Lecturer delete failed!

Error details: Unable to delete One Fuckedup Retarded Lecturer.

Possible causes: You have not sent the letter of death.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finished FYP

FYP has finally ended following the VIVA earlier this morning. Felt so relieved, so good. SHIOK ARR!!! Machiam like recover from AIDS.

Just waiting for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day. One Fuckedup Retarded lecturer's last test. Oh ya, some updates about this One Fuckedup Retarded lecturer. Tuesday was his last lesson. He had the whole hour to finish teaching what he didn't, which was totally sufficient. But he used at least 60% of the time to talk some shit that isn't going to benefit us for his test. Yes, he obviously knows that he can't finish teaching and yet he goes on talking crap. To add on, this was how he ended his lesson:

"*Just finish talking some crap*, can I stop now? The answers are all in the BlackBoard. Go and see yourselves. Anything don't know then come find me." How irresponsible. Know why he wants to end the lesson? Cause he always have this mindset: You can fail my module, but I must have my lunch.

Ok, and some people may argue, he offered to help if you don't understand anything, so what's the big deal? Well, let me tell you. For the past whole semester, no one in our class had successfully found him during after lessons. He is forever busy, always always always busy. So what makes you think we can find him anytime before the test?

Tomorrow is the day to get him out of our lives!!! Well, maybe not yet. There is still, the letter of death for you. Wait~~~

Monday, January 14, 2008

Aftermath: Pain 3 days, Bored 4 days

While some of you may understand my previous 2 posts, some do not. Well, that THING is my Fuck Your Pussy. If you can't see the whole word (which I suppose everybody can't), please copy and paste it somewhere else. Now, THAT is the hidden meaning behind FYP.

Anything else, that thing actually moved at the last minute. Not really well, but still, it moves; and knocks onto me. Aftermath? Pain 3 days. But still, the main point is that it moved. Full stop.

Even though its under the same heading, but they are totally not related. What followed on after that thing moves is 4 days of pure boredom. Putting it in nicer words, our project went into SPINNOVEX. But actually, its just crap wasting our time. No one came, and left exhibitors of SPCARE playing with laptops.

Whatever, its finally over. What is left is the final report, which was completed just earlier today. YAY! Thursday viva then its TOTALLY over.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Today is the last day to salvage that thing. Please MOVE!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008


Back again, with updates of the One Fuckedup Retarded lecturer.

He left us waiting for 5 hours for his lesson, where he went missing.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So expected

Please note that my previous post was written BEFORE I saw or read any news. The rubbish part was so expected. So ya...... Once every festive season.

A not-so-new year

"Hey, its the new year! My resolution for the new year is to start everything all over again! This time, BETTER!" - A very common new year resolution.

New year, everything should theoretically be new from the start of this day. Yea~ You should dump your soulmate yesterday, and find a new one today. End your life yesterday, and hope you will be reborn today.

If you have celebrated the new year eve by going to the countdown yesterday, then I guess we should meet up today and countdown to 2nd Jan 08. And 3rd Jan 08 too. Wait...... Isn't 4th Jan 08 a NEW day? We should countdown to it too. Heck. What's after the countdown? You still have to live life, continue doing things from the PREVIOUS year. And yes, have you ever noticed, each countdown you do, represents one year closer to your death.

Also, not to forget the forever available mess after these events, and then the news, and then the global warming, and then the blah blah blah~, never ending, once every festive season.

Tomorrow is the start of school (again). However, its not a new school term. Continuing from PREVIOUS year (sounds so long ago), is also the FYP, which is kind of screwed up. Also continuing from the PREVIOUS year are all the modules. Which has tests and exams scattered all over January, even eating into 1st Feb. Just spoils the CNY Feb.

Whatever, I have exactly 1 month left to finish whatever that has started 2 3/4 years ago. And I will make sure I finish it.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Have too much time, brain cells and eyesight to spare? Try Griddlers, where art meets logic.

Griddlers is a site with nonograms. Nonograms are picture logic puzzles in which cells in a grid have to be colored or left blank according to numbers given at the side of the grid to reveal a hidden picture.

I have been working on a triangular puzzle (Triddler) for the past 3 days, total of 7 hours. Its amazing how this (click to enlarge):

can become this:

Great way to waste your time away.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Stacks and stacks of...

MONEY! Yea... You wish...

Since no one cares, I think i shouldn't too. Let's do something else!

What's this?:

Yea, you guessed...... Staplets.

New upcoming property: Staplets Heights

Want to live in it? Looks nice eah......

Wait, there's also a moutain beside it: Mount Staplets

Wow. Nice mountian for the hikers.

And on the other side, is the shopping centre: Staplets Trades

Looks unstable. Fret not, its certified as a safe building.

But how do you get to Staplets Trades (Sesame Street)? By the Great Staplets Bridge of course!

Note: ALL are done without glue. They are only stable under their own weight and friction.

Stay tuned for pictures of other stacks I've done!