Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My academic transcript

This was what happened to my transcript not long after I received it on my graduation day.

Yes, totally crumpled. My mother took it for lamination which main purpose was to preserve it, ended up destroying it. That person doing the lamination was a Malay (note: for descriptive purposes) teen girl.

According to my mum, her face was a classic the moment she saw the thing came out like that. That "OMG I did something wrong" face. My mum phoned me and of course I instructed her to demand for compensation, which was "priceless". Like real - $10.70 for a new set. You should have seen how my mum speak Malay. Enough to join some Malay debate competitions.

Yet it took me two trips down to Singapore Polytechnic just to get those three pieces of paper back in the correct shape. Troublesome. Just my luck to land my transcripts on some dumb people. And I think she now has laminationophobia.

Anyone who figures out what the red letters means gets a present from me. :D

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow. stupid girl screw up ur transcript hahaha
Good u got ur replacement.
Why the transcript in black and white only? Not even the sp logo in color?
Our NP one is more beutiful haha. the logo is all in color and look so nice. urs is A4 size is it?